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The "Rise to Power" campaign is designed to accelerate the growth of our user base by incentivizing both user acquisition and referrals. This novel approach utilizes a descending reward scheme tied to user signup milestones and concludes with a significant raffle drawing as the ultimate reward.

Campaign Objective

The primary objective of the "Rise to Power" campaign is to reach 1,000,000 users in a competitive and engaging manner. By creating a sense of urgency through a decreasing reward scheme and a final raffle, we aim to attract a diverse and engaged user base.

Pie chart of token distribution

Token Allocation and Reward Distribution

A total of 1,129,410,000 tokens have been set aside for the campaign. These tokens will be distributed as follows:

Rise to Power Campaign Simulator

Key Campaign Mechanics


By marrying an early-adopter reward system with a referral-based raffle, the "Rise to Power" campaign strives to promote rapid user acquisition and sustained engagement. It not only rewards users for joining the platform but also for actively contributing to its growth. We believe this campaign will result in a vibrant and engaged community, setting the foundation for our platform's success.


This campaign is designed with the intention of fair rewards distribution. However, the company reserves the right to adjust the campaign mechanics if any unforeseen circumstances occur or in the best interest of the community.