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"Rise to Riches" is an ambitious fundraising campaign aimed at raising $5,490,000 through a meticulously planned 10-phase token sale, followed by an electrifying final flash sale. This innovative and strategic campaign seeks to fuel the creation of ICL549: International Community Lottery, a community-driven project comprising 9 craft games of chance.


The primary objective behind the "Rise to Riches" campaign is to generate necessary funding to support the growth and development of a new, unique gaming platform. By auctioning 10% of the total supply, amounting to 12,549,000,000 tokens, the campaign will infuse the capital needed to provide engaging experiences to players around the globe.


The "Rise to Riches" campaign has been designed with precision, comprising 10 distinct phases, each with a well-defined structure:

  1. Phase One: 125,490,000 tokens will be available for sale at $549,000, setting the price per token at $0.004376.
  2. Phase Two to Ten: Each subsequent phase will calculate 10% of the remaining tokens for sale, with each batch priced at $549,000. The pricing will be calculated accordingly, ensuring fairness and balance.
  3. Final AirDrop Raffle: Any remaining tokens will be split equally among 1,549 Lucky Winners. Each $1 spent will get an entry into the final raffle.


In line with our commitment to inclusivity, tokens can be purchased for as low as $5. This approach ensures that a broad spectrum of investors can take part in this campaign, fostering a diversified and robust community.

Phases of Auction

Phase Tokens for Sale Price for Batch Price per Token
Phase 1 125,490,000 $549,000 $0.004376
Phase 2 112,941,000 $549,000 $0.004863
Phase 3 101,646,900 $549,000 $0.005403
Phase 4 91,482,210 $549,000 $0.006004
Phase 5 82,333,989 $549,000 $0.006671
Phase 6 74,100,590 $549,000 $0.007408
Phase 7 66,690,531 $549,000 $0.008228
Phase 8 60,021,478 $549,000 $0.009151
Phase 9 54,019,330 $549,000 $0.010166
Phase 10 T.B.D $549,000 T.B.D

Token Allocation, Auctions and Air-Drops

A total of 1,254,900,000 tokens will be auctioned during the campaign. The pricing and details for each phase are carefully calculated to reach the goal of $5,490,000. Once this milestone is reached, the remainder of tokens allocated for auction will be AirDropped to Token Buyers. Each $1 spent will get an entry into a raffle which will have 1,549 Lucky Winners. Winners will split the remaining tokens evenly.

Rise To Riches Campaign Simulator

Allocation & Usage of Funds

The funds raised from the campaign will be used to launch the ICL549: International Community Lottery with 9 craft games of chance. The allocation will cover development, marketing, operations, and legal compliance.


The "Rise to Riches" campaign offers a transparent and equitable opportunity for contributors to be part of the innovative Lottery2.0 initiative. It embodies principles of community, accessibility, transparency, equity, and reciprocity, revolutionizing the way business is conducted in this domain.

The "Rise to Riches" campaign is not just a fundraising effort; it's a bold statement of innovation, collaboration, and community building. By engaging with this campaign, supporters are not merely purchasing tokens; they are investing in a vision, a future filled with excitement, engagement, and endless possibilities. Join us in this thrilling journey, be a part of something extraordinary, and help us shape the future of community-driven gaming.


This campaign is designed with the intention of fair rewards distribution. However, the company reserves the right to adjust the campaign mechanics if any unforeseen circumstances occur or in the best interest of the community.