ICL549's Networking and Affiliates Program White Paper

I. Executive Summary

ICL549 is a forward-thinking platform dedicated to building a robust and engaged user base through our International Community Lottery (ICL). This White Paper outlines the unique mechanisms of our networking and affiliates program, focusing on our ladder reward system, the role of F49 "ICL Token", the total supply of tokens, and our future fund-raising initiatives.

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II. Introduction

The ICL549 platform, built around our native token F49 "ICL Token", has an ambitious vision of creating an international community tied together through iGaming and lottery systems. With a total token supply of 12,549,000,000, we are poised to foster user base and community building, and kickstart our unique lottery and iGaming platform.

For more information and to get started, please see "The Rise To Power" Campaign

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III. ICL Token Economics

  • Token Supply: There are 12,549,000,000 F49 "ICL Tokens" in total supply.
  • Community Building: We have allocated 10% of the total token supply (1,254,900,000 tokens) for user base and community building.
  • New User Reward: New users will receive a complimentary amount of F49 tokens upon successful registration, fostering initial user engagement and loyalty.

For more information and to get started, please see "F49: ICL Token" white-paper

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IV. Ladder Reward System

A key aspect of our networking and affiliate program is the ladder reward system. Users are incentivized to recruit new members, with each successful recruitment translating to laddered rewards in F49 tokens. This system encourages active user involvement in growing our platform's community.

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V. Fundraising Campaign

After successfully registering 250,000 users, we plan to initiate a fundraising campaign with the aim of raising $10 million. We intend to auction an additional 10% of our total token supply, thereby bringing the proportion of tokens designated for user base and community building to 20%. This means that 20% of our total token supply will be backed by 1 million users and valued at $10 million.

For more information and to get started, please see "The Rise To Riches" Campaign

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VI. ICL549 Lottery and iGaming Platform Launch

Upon reaching this significant milestone, we will launch the ICL549 Lottery and iGaming platform. Our platform will begin offering games, providing an interactive and entertaining environment for our community members while also creating a use-case for our native token.

For more information and to get started, please see "ICL549: Gaming & Lottery" White-Paper

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VII. Conclusion

Our networking and affiliates program offers an exciting opportunity for early adopters to participate in the growth of ICL549. By recruiting new members and contributing to the platform's expansion, users can earn rewards and help launch a platform that has potential for widespread adoption and success. Our fund-raising initiatives further ensure the stability and value of F49 tokens, thus creating a win-win situation for the community and the platform.

ICL549 invites all interested individuals to join our growing community and participate in the launch of a unique and rewarding iGaming and lottery platform.

The journey has just begun. Be a part of it!

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